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A few words on AYURVEDA

Ayurveda - the knowledge of life, prevention and longevity is the oldest and most holistic medical system available in the world today. Ayurveda is a science based on ancient Indian philosophy. The Vedas encompass the whole knowledge of the Universe. There are four Vedas, namely, Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvaveda. Amongst these, the Atharvaveda mainly deals with different facets of health. The main body of Ayurveda is found in the fourth Veda - the Artharvaveda. Ayurveda is an offspring of the Atharvaveda and is also considered as the fifth Veda. Ayurveda is recognized as an upa or supplementary Veda in its own right. It contains the description of various diseases and their aetiology, and recommends the correct diet and behaviour regimen to counter those diseases.

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Kalupada Ghat Seka

Kalupada Seka also known as the heat therapy, is an ayurvedic treatment that traces its roots to the ancient India. It is our age-old healing system that uses herbal medicines, diet, exercise, massage and the heat therapy to heal Bone fracture, Spondilytis, Joint pain, Back pain and Sciatica pain.

It provides relief from the bone fractures and muscle injuries by combining the heat therapy alongwith the healing power of herbal medicines.

When a patient comes with a broken/fractured bone, we examine the x-ray of the fractured part. Then we decide whether to apply kalupada seka (heat therapy) first or bandage the affected body part with a special herbal mixture.